November 11 is a day that’s extremely memorable for me and the career path I chose. You see, 11 years ago, Kyle Klingman and I kicked off our very first podcast, Wrestling 411. By the way, I’m Jason Bryant, and this is Short Time Shots, a mostly daily look at the scores and more from around the world of wrestling. So back to the story – It was a J Robinson idea housed within a brand called Media Sports Productions, the acronym befitting its home base, Minneapolis. This was the gig I left Pennsylvania for. J Rob and Wade Schalles, wooed me over the phone from my newly purchased row home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I saw the pay increase, the chance to continue to further my goals in broadcasting and a chance to get a fresh start in a new area. Wade left shortly after Kyle arrived from Iowa and me from Pennsylvania. Ultimately, we got left holding the bag with little of the start-up money to work with and Kyle and I limped through a very tough year, one that put both of us at odds with one another and put both of our futures in the sport in doubt. Kyle and I talked about this a year ago, when we hit the 10-year anniversary of our foray into podcasting and failed television production. Our first guest was Tom Brands. The audio was terrible, our rapport wasn’t there and it might have been one of the worst shows either of us ever did. Even though I linked it here, don’t listen.

We sat at Augsburg’s KAUG radio studios – Kyle knew this was doomed from the start. I thought so to, only I held on to the illusion that we could actually pull this off. Well, we didn’t and 11 years later, here we are, and here you are. That was the second known wrestling podcast, Mat Slammers in Iowa was the first and there was a short-lived show up in Canada for a while too. All that being said, 11 years gone and a lot of things changed for the better out of that experience. I’ve distributed, produced and hosted over 2,400 podcast episodes in that time and I’ve done 1,308 of those myself. Uffda. Now, before I get to the news, this important note from my man Andy Voit. No, he didn’t pay me to say his name on the show.

Dual Meets: 

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Notables on the Docket for November 12:

  • A handful of duals in the NAIA, Missouri Baptist heads to Hannibal-LaGrange, down in Iowa, it’s Waldorf facing William Penn and out west, Southern Oregon travels to Havre, Montana to face Montana State-Northern. Why isn’t it Favre? Whatever. Montana got this one right.
  • Mixed divisional matchups see NAIA Graceland heads up to Pella, Iowa to take on Division III Simpson and NAIA Warner Pacific take on Grays Harbor, a varsity program that competes in the NCWA. The women’s teams at those schools will also face off with one another. Keeping it on the women’s side, Life will head to Gaffney, South Carolina to face the first-year women’s team at Limestone.


  • Brian Reinhardt from NC State features top-ranked Hayden Hidlay on the NC State athletics website, Reinhardt also hosts the #PackMentality Pop-Ins Podcast here on the network.
  • Tim Hands at breaks from his traditional U.S.-based Greco-Roman coverage to do an interview with Egypt’s Mohamed El Sayed, who recently won two world championships in the span of a month – actually shorter.
  • does a quick recap of things Iowa State had answered at their annual Cyclone Open. Jake Torkelson with the words there.
  • Shannon Scovel of does the same, only she focuses on the top-ranked team in the land, the Penn State Nittany Lions.
  • On Veterans Day, the National Wrestling Hall of Fame outlines the long history the sport’s had with our nation’s armed forces.
  • Tom Housenick of the Allentown Morning Call writes a stellar feature on a family of wrestlers from East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania and the struggle the girls had to try to find other girls to wrestle. While the Bibeau kids all love the sport, the girls picked it up as their dad taught their brother. Now the oldest, sister, Avia, will head to East Stroudsburg University next year to wrestle, but still struggles to try to get girls in her own high school to wrestle, because there’s no PIAA sanctioned girls wrestling and if they come out for the first time, they’re still wrestling the boys.
  • More from the world of girls wrestling, Fox 6 in Milwaukee notes the sport is one of the fastest growing in the country, especially the Midwest. The story features girls of all ages and their love for wrestling. Now, one thing I want to make very clear – do you see all the news coverage that girls wrestling is getting? This is a positive for our sport. It’s showing the sport is truly accepting of all shapes, sizes, colors and genders. To that portion of the population who wants to berate 17-year-old girls for the poor administrative decision of athletic departments 25 years ago, move on. It’s not these girls fault we didn’t let them compete 30 years ago. End rant.
  • MMA journalist Damon Martin tweeted last night that three-time NCAA champion Bo Nickal of Penn State had signed with First Round Management, indicating Bo’s drive to compete in MMA after a run at 2020. The tweet was attributed to First Round Management’s Malki Kawa.
  • Ommcom News reports the region of India known as Odisha, on the Bay of Bengal, is in line to host the 2020 Asian Wrestling Championships. India has a huge wrestling following and the metrics discussed by United World Wrestling on the YouTube videos verify that claim. Their news isn’t always on point, but they do churn out a lot of it. This is probably legit.
  • In lieu of talking about every single wrestler of the week award, rest assured the ones I find, will be in the newsletter, I just don’t want to dedicate the entire section of what’s in the Daily Wrestling Newsletter to WOWs, even though … wait for it … they may have WOWed us this week. One worth noting is named Tate Orndorff its Wrestler of the Week. That one deserves a mention. He beat a pair of All-Americans in Tanner Hall of Arizona State and Jordan Wood of Lehigh on Sunday. He good.

On The Network

  • Kyle Klingman and Andy Hamilton of return with another episode of On The Mat. Their guest this week is Gary Abbott, the longtime Director of Communications at USA Wrestling. The National Wrestling Hall of Fame recently announced Gary would be part of its 2020 induction class, earning the Order of Merit for his years of service.

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