Two things are notable today – first off, because of the generosity and sheer awesomeness of the Patreon contributors to the Mat Talk Podcast Network, I'm talking into my brand new Shure SM7B. Yes, it's the microphone you see on a lot of these podcasts, including Joe Rogan, but I've had my eye on it since ever since, to quote my friend Cliff Fretwell. The other important thing is a happy birthday to my mom Jeanette back in Poquoson, Virginia. When I started this Mat Talk Online enterprise while I was a freshman in college, I probably spent more time updating high school wrestling scores than I did going to class.

I'm Jason Bryant and this is Short Time Shots, a look back at the night's college wrestling scores and more.

Wait. There is no PROBABLY in that statement. In my college years, while working at a newspaper, running a website, announcing tournaments on the weekends, there were two other choices, beer and books. It took me far too long to understand the importance that your GPA SHOULD be higher than your BAC. But we were all young and stupid once and my mom, she put up with it, supporting what was then a hobby and now it's a sustainable career. Don't think for a second I'm not aware of what that means.

Speaking of my tenure in college, I guess there's a third big thing. It's been 5,201 days since I completed my last class, Communications Research Methods II at Old Dominion University. Today, I paid off the last bit of my student loans. 14 years and I'm no longer sitting with student loan dept. To my credit, there was a good chunk of that seven years I was in college that I paid my own way.

But you're not here to listen to me wax poetic about my glory days, especially since my next birthday is the big 4-0.

As Gantry on TheMat Forum said earlier, today the only D1 game in town was Northern Illinois and North Dakota State. And if you're a NIU fan, you could have done what Gantry did and check out after the first five weights. No. 22 North Dakota State stomped Northern Illinois 35-4 as the BiZon won nine out of 10 matches and closed things out with falls by Cordell Eaton and Brandon Metz.

There was some notable news further west within the great state of North Dakota as the University of Mary, the MARAUDERS, had a packed house in Bismarck as they topped Minot State 31-12. Talk about an environment that Adam Aho is growing out there. Just check Twitter for UMary wrestling and you'll see it yourself. Wild stuff. Even though both schools are part of the Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference, this was a non-conference matchup.

Emmanuel, which is in its first year as a full member of Division II, knocked off Ouachita Baptist 25-22. Two forfeits and a fall at 165 were enough for the Lions to get past the Tigers, oh my!

Dad jokes.

A lot of inter-divisional matches on Thursday as Division II Ashland improved to 5-0 after dominating NAIA Lourdes 43-6. Returning Division II national champion Bret Romanzak got his championship ring and picked up a technical fall at 165 pounds.

Going back to the Dakotas, Northern State, which is in SOUTH Dakota, topped Division III Concordia-Moorhead, which is in Minnesota, across the river from Fargo and the Bison Turf 23-14. Wins by Kolton Roth and Caden Moore down the stretch helped give the Wolves the W.

Colorado Mesa beat Cloud County Community College 36-12, while Colorado School of Mines beat Northeastern Junior College 32-6. That's a pair of Colorado Division II schools with wins over junior colleges, in case you're counting at home.

Earlier, we mentioned Lions and Tigers, well, to complete the whole circle of cheesiness, West Virginia Tech, the GOLDEN BEARS, beat Bluefield College 31-24. Bluefield is in its second year as a program, but this was the first official dual in program history.

Out in Kansas, Benedictine beat St. Mary 27-18. The Ravens earned three wins by fall, nevermore. In the NAIA, sixth-ranked Menlo beat Southern Oregon 27-15, while the Menlo women beat Southern Oregon 40-4.

Also in the NJCAA, No. 20 North Idaho knocked off No. 22 Iowa Western 30-19. This was close until falls at 197 and 285 by Hunter Gregerson and Connor Sullivan gave the Cardinals the win over the Reivers. YES, Reivers. What the heck is a Reiver? A river pirate. Google. North Idaho also upended No. 6 Iowa Central 20-19. Talk about burying the lede.

There's always some things you can't quite believe when we talk about some of the smaller divisions. From the NJCAA-NAIA battle, which in case you're wondering, those duals COUNT for the junior colleges, but they don't count for the NAIA schools – yeah, NAIA rule about non-four year schools not counting for official records – well, NAIA Oklahoma Wesleyan, which started its program last year, but didn't really get it off the ground until this year, won five of the six contested matches against Labette on Thursday. Those five wins were all bonus, four by fall and one by technical fall. Well, Labette picked up a fall and four forfeits. So do the math – A fall and four forfeits is 30 points. Four falls and a technical fall is 29 points. Ouch. Oklahoma Wesleyan won't have a problem with numbers in the future, but that's a tough way to lose.

Neosho, by the way, beat both teams. Props Nick Nothern.

No report as of “press time” on the Simpson-Lassen dual out in California and Life Pacific's first ever home dual against Mt. San Antonio.

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