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The International Olympic Committee has suspended Russia's Olympic organization due to Russia incorporating Ukrainian regions into its national sports program, however, individual Russian athletes are not outright banned. The issue of how to handle Russian athletes since the beginning of Ukraine's invasion has been inconsistent globally. Interestingly, Russia's success in sports, including 45 of 71 medals won in the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics, has strong connections with Russian's military, particularly the Central Sports Club of the Army.

Aiden Sparger, a junior at Ridgewood High School in Ohio and a member of the wrestling team, was commended by Coshocton County Commissioners for saving a fellow student from choking using the Heimlich maneuver. The student was choking on Skittles during a world history class, and when the teacher's attempt to administer the Heimlich failed, Sparger stepped in. Sparger, who also plays football and runs track, said he applied the Heimlich much like he would a wrestling hold, successfully clearing the obstruction.

In episode 735 of the Short Time Wrestling Podcast, retired coach Mike Denney reflected on his 32-year career at University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO), marking seven national team titles, the aftermath of the termination of the wrestling program, and the start of a new coaching chapter at Maryville. On Saturday, October 14, a celebratory event will honor Coach Denney and his 2011 National Championship team, along with 63 years of Nebraska-Omaha alumni. The current UNO administration is making efforts to rectify past decisions and Denney discussed the journey of healing post the cut of the program the night they won the 2011 championship.

On Bloodround, Tommy and Kevin kick off by talking about the potential return of Austin Gomez to college wrestling. They then delve into the announcement that Grant Leeth, a friend of the podcast, has been appointed to establish the wrestling program at Tarleton State – which could soon be the first Division I wrestling program in Texas. The conversation turns to Grand Valley State University’s impressive inaugural dual on November 1st. For the main part of the episode, they are joined by Mark Branch, the Head Coach at Wyoming, to chat about his distinguished career, his coaching journey, and what the future holds for Wyoming's Cowboy lineup.

In Council Bluffs, Iowa, the new Iowa West Wrestling Center is making waves in youth sports. Built by the Iowa West Foundation, the center is part of an effort to make Council Bluffs a regional sports attraction. Home to the “The Best Wrestler” program, the facility is led by two-time NCAA Division II All-American and Olympian Georgi Ivanov. His mission goes beyond wrestling, with the goal to develop good individuals who will serve the community. Along with local athletes, the program aims to host international tournaments, bringing in wrestlers from across the world. The facility is also increasing the popularity of girls wrestling, noted as the fastest growing sport in the NCAA, making a notable impact on female athletes such as Molly Allen, a high school junior and two-time state wrestling champion from Oakland, Iowa. In future, the center is set to offer fitness classes, gymnastics, martial arts, boxing, and other activities.

Morgan State, the only HBCU offering wrestling at the NCAA Division I level, has released its full season schedule. The season kicks off at the Southeast Open in Roanoke, VA on November 5th, featuring several home duals against top-ranked teams, and culminates with the NCAA Championships hosted by Missouri on March 21-23. Kenny Monday notes his anticipation for the season and invites everyone to support their efforts by getting season tickets.

There’s a new junior college with wrestling and it’s down in Georgia. Billy Gordy has become the head of the new wrestling program at Andrew College after a 4-year stint as Assistant Coach at Midway University. During his time at Midway, he earned numerous accolades and coached many successful athletes.

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