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Zahid Valencia, a U.S. Men's Freestyle World Team member and bronze medalist at the 2023 Senior World Championships, is being recognized as an influential figure in the Hispanic community during Hispanic Heritage Month. Zahid, who is proud of his Mexican roots, sees his Hispanic heritage as more than a cultural identity, but as a foundation of family, love, sacrifice, culture, and faith. Especially active in the youth wrestling community, he strives to give back and inspire the next generation, while simultaneously contemplating his own future beyond wrestling, considering coaching or going into business.

Flowrestling highlights things to look for on the schedules of South Dakota State, while Arizona State and reigning N.C.A.A. Division II national champions Central Oklahoma released their respective schedules. 

Seth Duckworth of got a chance to talk with some of the key movers and shakers, including coach Colton Roberts, as the storied Tulsa Central High School wrestling program will take to the mats for the first time since 1996. Tulsa Central won 14 Oklahoma state championships between 1928 and 1949 and produced some of the best wrestlers of the pre-and-post-World War II era. 

There’s a lot more drama coming out of India as the country’s Supreme Court is now involved with the Wrestling Federation of India’s election process. The delays in the election process led to India’s federation being suspended by United World Wrestling, which is why the Indian delegation competed as “Team U.W.W.” at the World Championships in Belgrade. previews the U23 World Championships.  Notable names as it relates to college wrestling include include Aaron Brooks from Penn State and Keegan O'Toole from Missouri, both of whom are NCAA champions aiming to add more international accolades to their resumes. Brooks and O’Toole both have won age-group world championships in the past. The tournament kicks off in Albania on Monday, starting with men’s freestyle. Here in the U.S., the event will be streamed on Flowrestling.

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