It's SHORT TIME SHOTS … a quick look at the day's top wrestling stories. Here’s the good stuff for Monday, October 16.

The University of Iowa's women's wrestling team recently opened its doors to Ukrainian wrestlers in need of a training facility. Due to political unrest and inadequate resources in Ukraine, the athletes were struggling to find a suitable place to hone their skills. The collaboration not only provides the Ukrainian team with top-notch training conditions but also offers an invaluable cultural exchange experience for both parties. This initiative underscores the global community's role in supporting athletes irrespective of geopolitical challenges. Read Vanessa Miller’s full story at

The giant women’s basketball game and Iowa’s entry into the college football Top 25 despite an anemic offense were also newsworthy in Iowa, but so was the return of a literary heavyweight. Acclaimed author and former wrestler John Irving returned to Iowa City to share excerpts from his unpublished novel and reflect on his past. Known not just for his literary contributions but also for his wrestling background, Irving discussed how the discipline and rigor of wrestling influenced his writing career. The event offered attendees a multifaceted view of Irving, blending the worlds of literature and athletics. His visit underscored the enduring impact of Iowa City on both his writing and wrestling journeys. More at the Daily Iowan.

Eliana Bommarito secured her second straight gold medal at the Beach World Series, earning her the prestigious title of UWW Senior Beach World Champion. The event, a significant milestone in the wrestling calendar, showcased her dominating performance over a series of matches. Her back-to-back victory cements her status as a leading figure in the realm of beach wrestling. This latest win adds another high-profile accolade to her already impressive career, solidifying her reputation on the international stage. A Michigan native, she’s currently a wrestler at Indian Hills Community College in Iowa. The full recap is available at The Mat dot com

Kyle Klingman from Flo Wrestling had a dynamic interview with one of the top young women in high school wrestling – Minnesota native Gigi Bragg. Klingman dove into topics about Bragg’s experiences wrestling in two states, why she represents Michigan in the offseason and her singing of the national anthem at wrestling events nationwide, starting when she was in elementary school. 

The Drexel University wrestling team has released its 2023-24 schedule, featuring four tournaments, eight conference duals, and appearances at the EIWA and NCAA Championships. Meanwhile, the University of Michigan's wrestling team is gearing up for a promising season, blending returning talent with All-American transfers, thanks to effective use of the transfer portal. Check out the preview on InterMat. As the new season approaches, FloWrestling has spotlighted wrestlers with the longest active winning streaks in Division I, and also provided a comprehensive list of returning NCAA All-Americans set to compete. InterMat continues its preseason tradition by counting down the top 50 collegiate wrestlers to watch this season.

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