Andy Hamilton is back from Tokyo
The only guest that matters this week is co-host Andy Hamilton. It’ll be a full Tokyo breakdown as Andy’s back from Japan and the Olympic Games.
Join Kyle Klingman and Andy Hamilton as they talk about the world of wrestling on the flagship podcast of, part of FloSports.

Show Segments
0:34 – The Samurai Warrior

1:10 – Kyle Klingman breaks down how Cliff Keen, the coach, had a vision for RTCs back in 1948.

2:40 – Kyle Klingman was catching the action from Stillwater on assignment.

3:50 – How Kyle Dake lost 11-0?

7:50 – Unpacking the tournament. Starting things out with the venue.

12:30 – How to cover this in-venue. 

17:10 – The humidity in Tokyo is unreal. 

18:30 – Let’s jump through those hoops.

22:50 – Cliff Keen Athletic

23:40 – Interacting in the press area and trying to eat. 

25:20 – Gable Steveson.

37:36 – The moment you knew wrestling changed.

40:22 – David Taylor vs. Hassan Yazdani. 

44:18 – Tamyra Mensah-Stock is the star of the Olympics. 

49:30 – Sadulaev’s draw – come on dude. 

52:00 – Helen Maroulis & Thomas Gilman

59:00 – Cliff Keen Athletic with Sterilazer.

1:00:00 – Sarah Hildebrandt wins bronze. 

1:03:00 – Adeline Gray takes silver. 

1:05:00 – Kyle and Ken Klingman talk wrestling. 

1:07:00 – Final thoughts on the Games: Meltdowns and more. 

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