Dan Gable goes On The Mat

Dan Gable returns to On The Mat. He's won a lot of stuff. Join Kyle Klingman and Andy Hamilton as they talk wrestling from around the globe each week via Trackwrestling's flagship podcast, On The Mat.

Show Segments
0:34 – Daily Warrior Andy Hamilton. Kyle loves Smoothie King.
1:30 – Did you know Dan Gable is a goofball?
4:45 – Mailbag time
8:00 – Still coming down from National Duals
11:00 – How would non-D1 teams do against D1 teams?
15:00 – Kyle still wants to wrestle Jason Bryant. (No one's actually asking for this)
16:15 – Mailbag Kyle from Kyle
19:30 – Guests for this year – who do you want to hear?
20:00 – Scott Beck again chimes in with knowledge
22:50 – Dan Gable Interview
1:13:00 – Show wrap up

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