Olympian and two-time World silver medalist Kayla Miracle goes On The Mat

Indiana native Kayla Miracle has been a steady competitor for Team USA going back to her days at the age-group levels. A two-time Senior world silver medalist, Miracle has represented the USA Wrestling at 12 (soon to be 13) times. That total includes 11 world championships and the 2020 Olympic Team in Tokyo. A four-time WCWA national champion at Campbellsville University, Miracle will be on her fourth Senior world team this coming September in Belgrade.  Join Kyle Klingman and Andy Hamilton as they talk about the world of wrestling on the flagship podcast of Trackwrestling.com from FloSports.  

Show Segments 

0:40 – Andy is thin-sliced. Has he been working out?

0:52 – Andy and Kyle go back (rightly) to the cumulative scoring idea. 

2:00 – Multi-Divisional National Duals is coming back to Iowa, but Andy and Kyle loved Louisville. 

5:20 – Andy looks at going to Fargo. 

9:20 – Andy went to some Yankees games. Kyle would have rather been at the library. 

12:00 – The Sergeant Duffel from Cliff Keen

12:50 – Kayla Miracle Interview

57:00 – Cliff Keen Athletic

57:35 – Show wrap and Kyle’s clichés. 

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