While a native of Michigan, three-time NCAA Division I All-American Myles Amine has been turning heads on the wrestling mat internationally. Representing the small European microstate of San Marino, Amine qualified the nation for the 2020 Olympic Games in wrestling by finishing fifth at the 2019 World Championships in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan.

Find out what went into Amine's mission to represent San Marino, the dynamic of the Michigan room and the Cliff Keen Wrestling Club and the Amines proud wrestling legacy that dates back to the Olympic Games in the 1960s.

Join Andy Hamilton and Kyle Klingman as they talk to our guest and topics related to the recent happenings in and around wrestling.

Show Segments

0:35 – What is a pea coat anyway?
1:35 – Kyle still hasn't gotten over the Barfing Gary thing
2:40 – Horse smoothies make you strong, focused and energized, too!
4:50 – Thoughts on the styles and schedule for the World Championships
6:50 – Qualification procedures
11:00 – So who's going where as a result?
16:34 – Kyle is looking to represent Venezuela at 57kg
18:45 – Kyle wants the smoke with JB (not that JB)
20:00 – Kyle Snyder takeaways
23:00 – Unrealistic expectations. Have some discretion
24:30 – Recovering from Kazakhstan
29:00 – Myles Amine Interview
1:08:15 – Amine Interview follow-up

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