Northern Colorado head coach Troy Nickerson joins On The Mat

Troy Nickerson, a four-time All-American and 2009 NCAA champion at Cornell, currently leads the Bears of the University of Northern Colorado. He'll come On The Mat this week, his first appearance on the show since June 2014. Join Andy Hamilton and Kyle Klingman as they talk to our guest and topics related to the recent happenings in and around wrestling.

Show Segments
0:30 – Andy is glue, Kyle is beastmode
1:30 – Andy didn't know the rule on how to order at Pat's, so he's going to Geno's instead
2:45 – The Beast of the East
4:10 – Troy Nickerson, today's guest, wrestled Coleman Scott in the finals at The Beast one year
4:55 – Kyle to Kyle Mailbag Option: How to say names correctly
6:50 – Scott Beck always has something up his sleeve with the Duals
13:00 – Freestyle stuff coming, starting at 57kg
16:35 – Troy Nickerson Interview
1:05:45 – Show wrap-up

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