NWCA Executive Director Mike Moyer

On The Mat returns for the year 2020 as today's guest is the Executive Director of the National Wrestling Coaches Association Mike Moyer. Coming off the NWCA Multi-Division National Dual Meet Championships, Moyer will talk about the growth of the event, the organization as well as relevant topics in the growth of wrestling. Join Kyle Klingman and Andy Hamilton as they talk wrestling from around the globe each week via Trackwrestling's flagship podcast, On The Mat.

Show Segments
0:34 – The Blue Horse Andy Hamilton
2:25 – Kyle is still buzzing about the National Duals and a shout to John Broughton
7:30 – Moving to why the dual meet championship needs to happen
10:00 – How about Grand View's dominance
12:00 – Women's Duals
14:40 – Can we get Division I back on board with a national dual championship?
17:12 – Thoughts on Louisville and the NCAA tournament.
20:35 – Omi is our Homie
25:30 – Trackwrestling rankings
23:36 – Mike Moyer Interview

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