On The Mat visits with Olympic champion Randy Lewis and Northwestern coach Matt Storniolo

Kyle Klingman and Andy Hamilton return after a week off with On The Mat where a big point of discussion is Andy's trip to the NWCA Convention and talking about the topics discussed there. Olympic champion Randy Lewis and Northwestern head coach Matt Storniolo are also joining the show breaking down some of their thoughts on the developmental stages of wrestling as well as topics in college wrestling. Join Andy Hamilton and Kyle Klingman as they talk to our guest and topics related to the recent happenings in and around wrestling.

Show Segments
0:33 – The Ramblin' Man, Andy Hamilton
0:45 – Andy recapping the NWCA Convention and specifically the RTC debate.
6:50 – Kyle's surprised by Tom Ryan's perspective
9:13 – What's the next step?
11:45 – You actually have to write down that you can't pay college athletes
17:30 – Other topics that came out of the NWCA Convention – Cornell news.
18:50 – U.S. Bank configuration for 2020 NCAA Division I Championships.
25:00 – Kyle hopes we get some new locations as a result, too
26:35 – Previewing today's guests – Randy Lewis and Matt Storniolo
27:00 – Prepping for the Junior World Championships in Estonia
28:00 – How did Kyle enjoy Bulgaria for the Cadet Worlds?
33:00 – Frank Popolizio shoutout
37:00 – Leading the Randy Lewis interview with his worst credentials
59:38 – Wrapping up Randy Lewis
1:01:36 – Matt Storniolo Interview
1:24:30 – Wrapping up the show

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