Eight-time 16U & Junior National Champion Sean Hage of Georgia goes On The Mat
Sean Hage of Georgia is a unicorn in American wrestling. He won two 16U (then Cadet) championships and then won six Junior National Championships to become one of two wrestlers to ever become eight time champions in the event we now know as simply Fargo. Join Kyle Klingman and Andy Hamilton as they talk about the world of wrestling on the flagship podcast of Trackwrestling.com from FloSports.

Show Segments
0:40 – Green Eggs and Hamilton.
1:24 – Kyle predicted a perfect game, but botched the show himself.
8:22 – Cliff Keen Athletic 9:07 – Sean Hage Interview
54:45 – The Sergeant Duffel from Cliff Keen
55:48 – Kyle brings up Steve Bartman from the Cubs situation in the show wrap.

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