After 17 years bringing Princeton from the bottom of the Division I ranks to a bonafide place where All-Americans can develop and thrive, Chris Ayres is off to a new adventure. Ayres was announced as Stanford’s next wrestling coach last month. A Lehigh alum and 1999 Division I All-American, Ayres’ drive is both common within the coaching ranks, but his approach is unique at the same time. in Join Kyle Klingman and Andy Hamilton as they talk about the world of wrestling on the flagship podcast of from FloSports.  

Show Segments 

0:35 – Andy’s big on flash mobs, but Kyle goes on a rant right away about schedules.

3:42 – The smaller divisions have better names than Division I.

7:25 – The Monday after your career ends in college, you lose relevance. 

13:55 – Team USA, men’s freestyle world champions again. 

16:20 – Kyle’s quibble with freestyle scoring. 

19:45 – The new king of 97kg. 

21:52 – The U.S. women were second, with a mixed bag of results. 

23:12 – Cliff Keen Athletic

23:51 – Chris Ayres Interview

1:11:20 – Cliff Keen headgear

1:12:15 – Wrapping up the show and digesting the interview.

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