2018 U.S. Freestyle World Teamer Nahshon Garrett goes On The Mat

Cornell four-time All-American and 2016 NCAA Division I Champion Nahshon Garrett will go On The Mat to talk about making the 2018 U.S. World Team in men's freestyle wrestling

Show Segments
0:50 – O.J. or Lemonade
3:00 – The path for Nahshon Garrett
8:20 – The growing depth of women's wrestling
12:50 – Sam Hazewinkel makes the Greco team at 35
14:00 – Kyle is planning a comeback and wants to face Jason Bryant
16:30 – More WAR discussion and dual meet formats
23:20 – Dangal, the movie, on Netflix
24:15 – Guest Nahshon Garrett joins the show

“On the Mat” is a presentation of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame Dan Gable Museum and is hosted by the Director of the Dan Gable Museum, Kyle Klingman, and Trackwrestling Content Manager Andy Hamilton.

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