On The Mat with U.S. men's freestyle World Teamer Tyler Graff

Tyler Graff joins the show to talk about his first World Team berth at age 30, while Andy Hamilton is on location at training camp in Colorado Springs. Join Andy Hamilton and Kyle Klingman as they talk to our guest and topics related to the recent happenings in and around wrestling.

Show Segments
0:36 – Andy is in Colorado Springs, and he's a sponge.
1:50 – Andy gets wrung out
3:20 – Brandon Bradley from Nebraska Wesleyan gets this week's shout out
6:45 – Great things about being at training camp
14:00 – More analytics discussion
21:00 – Andy's final thoughts on training camp
26:60 – Tyler Graff Interview
1:03:00 – Recapping the arsenal of Andy's jackets post-interview

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