USA Wrestling Executive Director Rich Bender Goes On The Mat

USA Wrestling set an entry record at the 2019 Junior & U16 National Championships this week. Coming on the show to talk about Fargo and all things associated with the upcoming World Championships is Rich Bender, the longtime executive director at USA Wrestling. Join Andy Hamilton and Kyle Klingman as they talk to our guest and topics related to the recent happenings in and around wrestling.

Show Segments
0:25 – Andy “The Russian Lion” Hamilton.
1:00 – Getting jacked for the Cadet Worlds (or the Green Tea smoothies)
3:25 – Explaining the original Russian Lion reference
4:40 – Daton Fix mentality and mindset from last show
11:15 – Shoutout to John Broughton, NWMA award winner
12:20 – Experience and grades as part of life experiences
15:00 – Yasar Dogu ranking tournament thoughts and some weird things about the Olympics
25:00 – Kyle Klingman's been a workhorse with the Countdown to Nur-Sultan
28:40 – Rich Bender Interview
1:15:40 – Skip this question, go to the next part
1:19:30 – Show Thoughts

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