World medalist James Green and women's freestyle world teamer Jacarra Winchester

Multiple-time men's freestyle world teamer and two-time medalist James Green joins first-time women's world teamer Jacarra Winchester on the latest episode of On The Mat.

Show Segments
0:30 – Andy Hamilton's travel woes from Slovakia
2:10 – Mekhi Lewis in only his THIRD freestyle tournament wins gold
8:00 – Looking at the expectations from Team USA from the year previous
9:40 – Who's on the show today?
11:20 – The Russian gift in 2017.
13:25 – Point Differential at 174 pounds.
22:31 – Remembering Mike Milkovich and Bob Siddens
28:00 – The imitation from JB on trying to copy Kyle Klingman
30:10 – James Green Interview
57:15 – Jacarra Winchester Interview

“On the Mat” is a presentation of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame Dan Gable Museum and is hosted by the Director of the Dan Gable Museum, Kyle Klingman, and Trackwrestling Content Manager Andy Hamilton.

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