John Harris was a partner in Performance pH, a company that used people-oriented strategies to build high-performing cultures. Considered a wellness pioneer, Harris was the co-founder of Harris HealthTrends, an entrepreneurial corporation that became one of the top-five wellness companies in the world and helped shape the prevention industry into what it is today. He has over 40 years of experience in the health management field in both the corporate and private sectors. Harris speaks internationally and has authored numerous publications on employee health while also serving on the boards of Lourdes University, HERO, Mercy Health Partners, the Bon Secours Mercy Health Foundation, Health Promotion Advocates, the National Wrestling Hall of Fame, and for-profit businesses.

As a college wrestler at Grand Valley State University, Harris was a two-time All-American, a two-time NAIA championship finalist and an Olympic Trials qualifier in 1976. Today, he competes in mountain bike races in the summer and cross-country (Nordic) ski races in the winter. He also enjoys road bicycling, downhill skiing and kayaking.

‘How Wrestling Built Me’ is a podcast about the influence of wrestling beyond the mat. These are the stories of how wrestling develops a person in a singularly unique way. The people interviewed are those who have taken the skills of wrestling and used them to be highly successful in another endeavor. Whether it is business, politics, military, entertainment, broadcasting, writing, academics, or another sport — ‘How Wrestling Built Me’ explores the universal qualities of wrestling that last a lifetime.

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