LeRoy Gardner and Robert “Hollywood” Hemingway are two of the handful of African-American head coaches in college wrestling. On Episode 68 of the World Wrestling Resource Podcast, the pair talk about the differences and similarities in exposing the sport to wrestlers of all backgrounds, as well as explaining how wrestlers of color can find opportunities to compete beyond the Division I level.

Where can the opportunity grow? Is it with the HBCU's, of which Allen is the only four-year HBCU in the country with wrestling. What resources can be put forth to increase the visibility of wrestling across every gender, race, color and creed? It's a level-headed discussion about things around the world and hurdles all types of coaches face, regardless of their racial or socio-economic makeup.

Hemingway recently released a short self-published book called “I'm Black, Let Me Wrestle,” which you can find at lulu.com.

The World Wrestling Resource has a slew of resources for wrestlers and coaches from all levels and information about the products can be found at www.worldwrestlingresource.com.

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