On Episode 3 of the World Wrestling Resource Podcast, the staff of Jon McGovern, Dennis Hall and Terry Brands is joined by Compound's Cliff Fretwell.

Fretwell, based in Atlanta, Georgia, runs a club system as well as a gear company based around the “Compound” name.

This episode is full of relevant discussion around always-pertinent topics in wrestling. We start off as Coach Brands explains academics for the college student and then we turn into the discussion of how a high school athlete's choices on and off the mat can impact them when it comes time to enroll at the next level.

We also move into a discussion about the new rule changes in college wrestling and we touch on the experimental rules that will be used at the NWCA All-Star Classic on November 1 in Philadelphia.

We take a turn into the rules even more as Dennis Hall asks about the proponent of riding time being eliminated.

Cliff and Dennis also take time to explain their ideals when it comes to high school wrestlers and below picking a weight class.

With the rise of preseason tournaments, the panel gets to discuss their thoughts on preseason competition as both a coach and an athlete as well as using it as a tool to view recruits.

The final point of the show talks about wrestling gear and companies, what types of apparel coaches are looking to outfit their team with and the rise of new companies providing gear services to the wrestling community.

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