On Episode 13 of the World Wrestling Resource Podcast, we talk World Cup, Olympic Trials and the preservation of wrestling at Northern State and Cleveland State with Jon McGovern and Terry Brands.

Coach McGovern and coach Brands first talk about the viral video that's floating around the internet with the fight between two Russian wrestlers escalating to the point where it included coaches and spectators.

The discussion then turns to the U.S. performance at the World Cup and coach Brands explains the performance of past Hawkeye wrestlers Tony Ramos and Brent Metcalf. Then we move on to the discussion of the Olympic Trials coming to Iowa City in 2016.

Then we move into a spirited back-and-forth about the issues at Cleveland State and who or what can be done to make sure this doesn't continue to keep happening in wrestling. Coach Brands and host Jason Bryant go back and forth on the matter.

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