Starter_KitOn Episode 21 of the World Wrestling Resource, we are again rejoined by Gene Zannetti of Wrestling Mindset and welcome Dr. Coyte Cooper of Elite Level Sports Marketing and the author of the book Impressions: The Power of Personal Branding in Living an Extraordinary Life.

Cooper and Zannetti will join host Jason Bryant and World Champion Dennis Hall in a discussion about goal setting and living a championship lifestyle.

Focusing on goals is great, but are you actually writing them down? Are you putting them in places you know you'll be reminded of them? Our discussion breaks down simple tips and tricks that wrestlers and the general population can do to make sure they have clear goals, and then when they've set those goals, what they can then do to live a championship lifestyle in whatever their path may be.

It's an engaging conversation with successful people in wrestling and the world of mindset training.

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