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Hayden Hidlay didn’t check all the equipment, so Episode 109 starts off with an apology, an unnecessary one, but an apology nonetheless. Coach Pat Popolizio and Hidlay recharge the batteries and fire up the show. Tuffy Talk will also win the bid as a guest host for the second part of the show today. 

We’ll recap the U.S. Open as well as some other big news centering around the NC State wrestling family such as Michael Macchiavello heading right from the U.S. Open to the Pan Am Championships in Buenos Aires and not giving up a point. 

We’ll preview the U20 and U23 World Team Trials coming up the first weekend in June in Ohio. Macchiavello will head to Final X as well on June 10 in Newark, N.J.

Hayden will also drop some information on his big news. Hayden will move over 1,400 miles from Raleigh to Fargo to take on a coaching position for former NC State assistant Obe Blanc at North Dakota State. The good news is Hidlay will only have to move one letter from anything he’s got embroidered – NC State to ND State. 

Tuffy Talk is our second segment. 

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