The multi-talented Hayden Hidlay returns for Episode 104 of the #PackMentality Pop-Ins Podcast with guests head coach Pat Popolizio and and true-freshman 149-pounder Jackson Arrington.

Show Segments

1:02 –  Hayden shakes off the rust and Pat claims he’s good for 4 a.m. podcast recordings. 

3:40 – Pitching the ACC Championships here at Reynolds this year. 

5:00 – Look at all the clovers! Casino Night information for the Wolfpack RTC.

9:30 – Giveaway information for the match!

11:40 – Where we’ve been since Episode 103.

14:30 – What’s Pop look for when competing against Pitt. 

28:23 – Super Bowl Bonus Question. 

30:00 – Pat asks Hayden about donuts. 

32:30 – Jackson Arrington Interview.

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